Collapsing Links

The Collapsing Links widget creates a list of links (blogroll) for each link category, which can be expanded and collapsed dynamically. You can have multiple instances of the widget on your pages, each with its own set of options, including:

  • Show link counts in link category links
  • Sort by link category name, link category id, link category count etc.
  • Sort in ascending or descending order
  • Exclude certain link categories
  • Automatically expand certain link categories
  • Several different icons to choose from for expanding and collapsing

The plugin is hosted on the official wordpress repository at:

If you have any questions, bug reports, or feature requests, please post a comment below.

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93 Replies to “Collapsing Links”

  1. Hi!

    Great plugin, but i wish it had the option for sub-categories.. will this be a feature soon?

  2. Ronny,

    WordPress does not support subcategories for links. If wordpress adds this support, I will add it into my plugin.


  3. I have installed the collapse plugin. My issue is that when you click on a category in the sidebar it drops down to reveal the links but removes the category heading. Is there a way to fix this?
    It also give no option for the user to minimise the list back.

    I’m using it on my site

    Thanks for a great plugin, just have a few small issues which I think could help.
    Look forward to your response.

  4. I’m still trying to get this to work properly in Firefox. In Safari it works great. In Firefox I see the list of collapsed links but they don’t expand. Any ideas on how to fix? I left it at the bottom of my sidebar, but below the regular list of links since I’m not sure other viewers can use it properly.

  5. Mary Beth,

    I am not sure why it is not working for you, but I think it might have to do with the fact that your site uses frames. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  6. Using Collapsing Links, which is a HUGE benefit to my Sidebar organization! Thanks!

    I have just ONE, tiny niggle that I am trying to change/fix/hack:

    I was wondering what I can change in the Style Settings (or even in the base code, or in my theme’s style sheet or PHP) that would prevent the bullets from showing to the left of the expand/collapse arrows (which, in turn, are to the left of the Link Categories).

    I have tried changing this line:

    li.widget.collapsLink ul {margin-left:.5em;}

    …to this:

    widget.collapsLink ul {margin-left:.5em;}

    …and this:

    li.widget.collapsLink {margin-left:.5em;}

    …and even this:

    widget.collapsLink {margin-left:.5em;}

    …with no discernible difference in how it renders the widget in the sidebar.

    Looking at the served HTML code in my browser, I basically DO NOT want this ID:

    …to be an unordered list (or if it MUST be an unordered list, can I change the bullet to be a thinspace or space or something otherwise invisible?).

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide;

  7. HI,

    could you explain what this “picture address” field is used for in the collapsing links plugin.

    I added a link to a picture, but I cannot see anything. I thought when hovering over the link,
    I could see it.



  8. Firstly, great simple plugin to clear the clutter in your sidebar. I have 2 quick questions though:

    On the sub-menu list how do I remove the » (double arrow) symbol that appears. I can’t see anything in the css or figure out how to remove it.

    On the heading – If I don’t want to add a + or – or any other symbol how do I remove these and not have an indent when doing so.

  9. I’ve loved this plugin – made my sidebar SO much cleaner!

    One thing I’ve noticed since the upgrade to WP 2.8 — now the widget will not retain my setting on the “Sort Link Categories by:”… it defaults back to the pre-selected option (Link category name) every time I press save.

    I tried:
    -moving the widget around
    -deleting the widget, adding a brand new widget
    -adding a second widget
    -completely deleting the Collapsing Links plugin and re-installing
    -doing all of the above in both Firefox and IE

    Nothing seems to work – can’t get that setting to “hold”.

  10. Thanks for the great plugin! I’ve used it in a couple different sites and enjoy its flexibility and clean presentation.

    I, too, have upgraded to WP 2.8 and the plugin is having troubles. I haven’t had trouble with the info being lost but:

    * the categories are expanded each time on refresh and navigating to the page.
    * the first click on a category only registers it, the second click gets a response (either collapses it or goes to the link)
    * when I place the widget in a left sidebar the right sidebar disappears. I don’t know if this is theme related but the right sidebar doesn’t fail with other widgets being added to the left sidebar so far

    Thanks for the great plugin! I really like what you’ve shared here!

  11. Error message updating version 0.31
    Using WordPress 2.7.1.

    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found in /html/wp/wp-content/plugins/collapsing-links/collapsLinkWidget.php on line 2

  12. Great plugin, it’s the closest I’ve found yet to the exact solution I’m looking for!!

    My only feedback under WP2.8 (and apologies if you know this, or my issue is a plugin conflict):
    – if the link category has the optional description filled out, it displays and sorts on that (and not the Link ID);
    – it does not appear possible to change the link sort order, it always reverts to “link category name” when save is pressed: and
    – (feature upgrade) it would be a perfect plugin if the link categories could also be manually sorted. At the moment I have to number each one to force the order away from alphabetical

    Keep up the great work, I look forward to future updates!!


  13. New to WordPress (using 2.8.4) and this looks good widget. In the the other clickable widget that I have enabled in the sidebar show “little hand” when you hover. However Collapsing Links shows a vertical thin cursor bar when hover over the symbol for expanding category (the help pop up appears). It does expand and on the actual link in the category the hand appears. This is slightly confusing for end users – is it configurable; I note your site this does not happen. Using Vista 1.2.6 theme (unchanged)

    [The web site is not pubic yet]

  14. Hi Rob,

    Thank you and congratulations for such a great little WP plugin (Collapsing Links). I really like it.

    I do have a suggestion for future versions:

    Because the span.collapsLink (markup) is a span rather then an anchor it never receives a tabindex and therefore is inaccessible via keyboard. This is important for anyone who cares about web accessibility such as that outlined in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 in Section 2.1.

    It seems to me that either replacing or wrapping the span with an anchor would solve this problem, and a “return false” (which is already returned for the onclick event in that span) would prevent whatever you put as an href (presumably “#” or “javascript:void(0)”) from being followed.

    I admit I have not looked very deeply into the code to see what type of headache this may cause you. Perhaps I’ll tinker around a bit when I get some time and see if I can figure it out. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

    I sorry if I’m mistaken and have simply misconfigured something. Thanks again for all your work on this great plugin.


  15. Hi,
    I really like the Widget version.
    But… I have a large number of links that I would like to present on separate static pages, not as widgets. I read the readme file, but still can’t figure out how to get the output to the specific pages with diferrent categories as arguments for the generation of the collapsible menus.
    Would appreciate your help, if possible.

    Best regards


  16. Hi,

    I tested Collapsing Links on a closed [private] install of WP 2.7.n using a custom [home built] theme, and was able to build several static pages with version 0.2.7 of Collapsing Links.
    However after deactivating all plugins and upgrading to WP 2.8.5 and then upgrading CL to the latest version none of the collapsing links in static pages work.
    I then tried deleting the plugin directory, cleaning out all references to CL in the DB and reinstalling CL, and instructed CL not to use the sidebar config prior to configuration. This has made no difference.

    After clearing the WP cache I repeated the exercise with all other plugins disabled, again this has made no difference.

    Finally, I disabled CL, deleted the directory, cleaned out the DB again and restored version 0.2.7 which had worked perfectly with WP 2.7.n – it too does not work with WP 2.8.5.

    Any debug or test instructions would be very welcome.

    Many thanks,


  17. I know in the notes you mention being able to set the target of the url’s, but there doesnt seem to be an option to set the target (blank, self, parent etc..)

    Any ideas on how to make this work?


  18. Hi Rob, I love your expanding plugin widgets! I am just putting them in place now. I’m having a problem with the expanding links one though.

    1. I put in a category to ‘exclude’ and it doesn’t exclude anything. It puts all the categories on the page no matter what ID or IDs are in that box.

    2. I switched the drop-down and instead put in just the one category ID I wanted to include, but then nothing showed but the widget title (no links).

    3. I put in a category to auto-expand and it seems to expand them all. However,

    4. Despite that I have emptied my cookies for the site and held down shift while reloading to force cache clear on the page, the open/closed status seems to be based on whatever I previously chose. So now I can’t see if anything is working or changing because I’ve already visited the page! Gah!

    Advice for #4 would be helpful since at least then I would be muddling through with a clue to the results. But I really need to be able to display multiple links widgets with just 1-3 categories each and the others excluded. Is there any other information, login, etc. I can provide you with to be of more help? Oh. WordPress version 2.8.6 and plugin version 0.3.2. Thanks so much.


  19. The plugin is not working properly for Firefox.
    I changed wordpress version and updated to newest version of this script, but it still doesn’t work.
    The error console says that childList is null (at Line 130).
    This does NOT happen in InternetExplorer or Opera.
    For me it seems that he is not properly parsing the node list.

  20. The plugin is not working properly for Firefox.
    I changed wordpress version and updated to newest version of this script, but it still doesn’t work.

    The problem:
    I can see all categories. The one i want to be always expanded is correctly expanded. But when I click a categorie it doesnt do anything.

    The error console says that childList is null (at Line 130).
    This does NOT happen in InternetExplorer or Opera.
    For me it seems that he is not properly parsing the node list.

  21. Please delete my comment with link to my old site wich is not mine now, thanks.

    On May 6th, 2009 at 11:24 am
    Blogszok wrote:

  22. this has been a very useful plugin! Been using it for a while now. However, I just started looking at adding guest bloggers and in testing out Author and Contributor functions. I noticed that the settings for Collapsing Links shows up on their dashboard. I can’t for the life of me, figure out where to disable this in Admin or in the script itself. Any suggestions would be great.


  23. Great Plugin! I was looking for something like this for long.
    only thing that i can’t imagine is how to say it that the categories will show like yours one under one.
    My cetegories are shown in a line. Just a testblog:

    best regards


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